Planning Green Paper (Supplementary) [2]

Session date: 
March 27, 2002
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


On the third party rights of appeal you argued that having a directly elected Mayor who could face the electorate was a far more accountable way of doing it. The Government made similar arguments in the green paper, arguing that giving a third party right of appeal would undermine the democratic accountability of elected Councillors. But surely the logic of that argument is that there should be no right of appeal to anyone at all. Why should developers have the right of appeal, if third parties can't?

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Answer for Planning Green Paper (Supplementary) [2]

Answer for Planning Green Paper (Supplementary) [2]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

There isn't a perfect response to this. There is clearly a problem. The question is that in the scale of development we need to see in London, there will be people who will object, we've already got complaints about the route of Crossrail. One has to say that one cannot prevent something that is essential for London. It's wrong to give people the illusion that through a planning appeal process that they could do that.