Major Sporting Events (Supplementary) [2]

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October 17, 2001
Question By: 
Graham Tope
Liberal Democrats
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The Mayor


Thank you for that very full answer. I thought it started off in a very defensive and rather complacent way, and I am pleased that you eventually moved on to accepting that London's reputation does need repairing, whoever's fault that is. The fiasco over Wembley, and the even greater fiasco over Picketts Lock, have damaged us greatly.

Would you accept, as you have done previously when we have looked at major events - particularly New Year's Eve - that one of the key factors missing has been clear and strong leadership? With hindsight, what more do you think you could have done to help provide that? For the future, what are you going to do?

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Answer for Major Sporting Events (Supplementary) [2]

Answer for Major Sporting Events (Supplementary) [2]

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The Mayor

It is quite right: they do not need to mention us, because we have no say. The only direct role would be when, the planning application having cleared Enfield, it arrived on my desk for direction to refuse or accept. That is the only direct involvement, in reality. There is a whole range of subsidiary areas in which I argue with the SRA - as Nicky did every time we had the SRA in the room - about the need to upgrade the rail line and put a station there and so on; but we were just either supplicants or advocates. We never had any real say in taking this project forward. My broad view is that, having created a GLA, this is exactly the sort of project which would be a major focus for the entire organisation and its functional bodies, and that is exactly the job it should be given.