Regeneration of East London (Supplementary) [3]

Session date: 
April 4, 2001
Question By: 
Meg Hillier
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


We all know the many regeneration projects that are currently under way, but my concern - I am thinking particularly of Hackney, which is among the boroughs I represent - is that, if we wait for an Olympic bid for 2012, effectively the area will be blighted for another four or five years while we await a firm decision. There are a number of imaginative plans for regeneration in that area, and they are effectively put on hold while we wait.

In addition, transport projects, particularly the Hackney to south-west London line, are currently not projected to happen for some considerable time after 2012. I hope that you could support a strong shopping list of what is required to give Hackney what it deserves, regardless of whether the Olympics go ahead; and that work could begin on that before 2004 if, in July, we all decide to go ahead with a London Olympic bid.

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Answer for Regeneration of East London (Supplementary) [3]

Answer for Regeneration of East London (Supplementary) [3]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

There is no question of waiting till 2004 or 2005. In July, the Prime Minister will be briefed by the British Olympic Committee and will decide whether to support a bid. If he decides to support it, the opportunity for us is that we can argue for advancing that long list of projects we have for the Thames Gateway. As for the timescale for completion of Crossrail, I would argue that, if we are to have an Olympic stadium in the Thames Gateway, there is a case for a spur of that line going right the way past the stadium and through Docklands, and it would be finished in time for the Olympics in 2012.

On the current programme, the Hackney to south-west London line is timed to finish about 2015. I would make the case to the Prime Minister that that should be advanced and the resources mobilised so that that too could be completed in time for the opening of the Olympics - either taking one spur up to Picketts Lock and another spur out through the Thames Gateway. It is a case of speeding everything up, not delaying anything at all, I promise you that.