Strategic Views (Supplementary) [13]

Session date: 
July 11, 2001
Question By: 
Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
Richard Rogers


Do I understand from what you are saying that there could be new strategic views and the existing strategic views could be improved? Presumably improved by new build of tall buildings which are often simply no more than corporate virility symbols?

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Answer for Strategic Views (Supplementary) [13]

Answer for Strategic Views (Supplementary) [13]

Answered By: 
Richard Rogers

I think that strategic views are something that can always be added to -- I do not think there is a sort of cut off moment. And I think strategic views will always be challenged and I think that is also part of the debate. In terms of whether I think that there are arguments for high density developments which end up as a high-rise, yes I think there are. There are areas which are not strategic views which I know of, where I think economically and visually this would enhance the skyline. Economically this would enhance London and skyline wise it would enhance the effect.