Lord Rogers

MQT on 2001-01-24
Session date: 
January 24, 2001
Question By: 
Eric Ollerenshaw
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


The Mayor's decision to award the urban principles consulting contract to one of his unpaid advisors appears to set a seriously inappropriate precedent for awarding GLA work contracts. How can the Mayor prove that he did not show any favouritism when awarding this contract to Lord Rogers?


Answer for Lord Rogers

Answer for Lord Rogers

Answered By: 
The Mayor

As well as overseeing our Spatial Development Strategy, I have asked Nicky Gavron to look at strategic development opportunities for change across London, and to energise all the agencies involved in bringing about imaginative design solutions. I can think of nobody better than Richard Rogers to assist with this task. Besides his world-wide reputation for architectural design, he led the Urban Task Force, the principles of which need to inform our own approach. This clearly justifies a single-tender route on this occasion, an action which has been confirmed as appropriate by the Head of Legal. This work is, of course, separate from, but will obviously complement, his voluntary role as a Cabinet advisor. If any member of the Assembly has lingering doubts I'm sure the results will be there for all to see before the end of my first term!