Response to Consultations

MQT on 2000-12-20
Session date: 
December 20, 2000
Question By: 
Bob Neill
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Have the government yet released to the Mayor the data underlying the new Indices of Multiple Deprivation, and if not, what action does he propose to take to ensure that London is not disadvantaged in the allocation of Neighbourhood Renewal Fund monies?



Answer for Response to Consultations

Answer for Response to Consultations

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I wrote to John Prescott concerning the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund on 10 November and asked that his department immediately releases the data, but apart from an acknowledgement that arrived on 20 November a formal response has not yet been received. Since then, however, the government has confirmed its intention to proceed with the arrangements it proposed in its consultation paper and agree the initial allocations of the Fund accordingly.

I remain highly critical of the Indices of Deprivation 2000 not only because they are bad news for London, in this case resulting in significant loss of potential and much needed funding, but also because of the closed and secretive way in which they have been constructed. I will continue to both press the government for the data and strenuously oppose the use of the Indices to inform further funding decisions.