Coulsdon Inner Relief Road

MQT on 2000-12-20
Session date: 
December 20, 2000
Question By: 
Andrew Pelling
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Would you regard the in principle decision as to whether resources can be identified to consider an intelligent approach to the environmental and traffic impacts of the construction of the Coulsdon Inner Relief Road on Purley centre and possible means of providing concomitant and complimentary improvements to traffic flows combined with possible improvements in the Purley town centre environment to be a matter to be best considered by the Mayor or by the street management section of Transport for London?


Answer for Coulsdon Inner Relief Road

Answer for Coulsdon Inner Relief Road

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The objectives of removing through traffic from the town centre of Coulsdon and improving safety and access to new developments are still supported. However, the original scheme that was designed by the Highways Agency provided such an increase in traffic capacity it is probable that the problem would simply have been moved up the road into Purley. The Director of Street Management in Transport for London has recognised this and is preparing an amendment which will build upon the positive aspects of the scheme and also improve access to public transport, but will not have adverse effects on Purley. The Street Management Directorate has already started looking at the possibilities for improving the problems of traffic congestion and intrusion into the Purley town centre. They are working closely with Croydon Council to achieve the same objectives which are very much in line with mine as set out in the Draft Transport Strategy.