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Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime Plan 2013-2016 outlines the Mayor’s mission, priorities and objectives for tackling crime and making London safer.

It is for MOPAC to hold the Metropolitan Police Service and criminal justice partners to account and deliver against these objectives by 2016.

The plan was informed by the best evidence around effective crime reduction and the strategy is built on clear objectives to be achieved. An extensive consultation was undertaken in early 2013. This included town hall meetings in all 32 London boroughs, additional stakeholder forums, focus groups, a large online survey conducted by TNS, and the completion of an Equalities Impact Assessment.

The plan proposed clear performance measures that focus on results, not process or activity, including the 20:20:20 Policing and Criminal Justice Challenges:

  • 20% reduction in key neighbourhood crimes (250,000 fewer crimes)
  • 20% reduction in costs (£500m savings)
  • 20% increase in confidence in the met police (Up to 75%)
  • 20% reduction in delays in the criminal justice system
  • 20% increase in compliance with community sentences
  • 20% reduction in reoffending by young people leaving custody

The MPS has published updated public access and deployment maps for each of the London boroughs. You can view these alongside the Policing and Public Access in London document below.

Estates Strategy

Linked to the Police and Crime Plan is the new MOPAC/MPS Estates Strategy 2013-16.  Please find more details and the Strategy document here.

Details regarding the disposal of sites that have been deemed surplus to requirements in accordance with the Estates Strategy are provided here:

Disposal of property from April 2013 to March 2014

Disposal of property from April 2014 to March 2015


Annual report

MOPAC reports its progress monthly to the London Assembly's Police and Crime Committee and annually below.

MOPAC Annual Report 2014-15

MOPAC Annual Report 2013-14

MOPAC Annual Report 2012-13

The MOPAC Challenge

Each month MOPAC holds the “MOPAC Challenge”, the principal mechanism through which it holds the Met Commissioner and his top team to public account for the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan.