London Development Database

The London Development Database (LDD) is a collaborative project between the Mayor and the boroughs to track planning activity across London.

What is the LDD?

LDD is the system used by the Mayor to monitor planning permissions and completions across London. The data is provided by the London Boroughs, while the GLA co-ordinates the project and provides the IT systems that make it possible. It is a valuable source of information on trends in planning and development, and is a vital source of information for the London Plan Annual Monitoring Report.

What does the LDD monitor?

The LDD contains details of all planning permissions meeting criteria agreed with the London Boroughs. The criteria are:

  • any new build residential units or any loss or gain of residential units through change of use or conversion of existing dwellings
  • seven or more new bedrooms for hotels, hostels, student housing or residential homes
  • 1,000m2 or more of floor space changing from one use class to another or created through new build or extension in all other non-residential categories
  • the loss or gain or change of use of open space.

Only planning permissions are recorded on the database. For details of applications being considered by your local planning authority or for refusals you must visit the relevant planning authority’s website.

The LDD has been running since 2004.

The London Development Database webmap

A webmap showing the locations of the live and recently completed permissions is provided by the Mayor for use by the public. It also contains maps of approvals and completions of homes by borough and ward. The link is provided below.

Can I have access to the data?

Besides the LDD webmap, data from the system is published in the London Plan Annual Monitoring Report and headline statistics appear on the London Dashboard. Reports can be provided for academic research or can be purchased according to the charging schedule upon request to the LDD team, although conditions on the re-use of the data apply.

The data on the LDD is supplied by the relevant planning authority. They are responsible for the quality of the data and the copyright remains with them. Borough websites remain the definitive source of information on planning applications within their boundaries.






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