London Development Database

Find out about planning permissions within the Greater London area.

About the London Development Database

The London Development Database (LDD) records selected planning permissions in the Greater London area as part of the process of monitoring the Mayor's London Plan. These are tracked through to implementation, allowing us to produce data on completions and the development pipeline in addition to levels of approvals. The LDD is a collaboration between the GLA, which provides the IT infrastructure and co-ordinates the project, and the London Boroughs who are responsible for providing the data for schemes in their area. The LDD is used by both to inform policy and to provide data for their Annual Monitoring Reports.

The LDD contains information on all Full or Outline planning permissions granted in London that propose:

  • any new build residential units or any loss or gain of residential units through change of use or conversion of existing dwellings
  • seven or more new bedrooms for hotels, hostels, student housing or residential homes
  • 1,000m2 or more of floor space changing from one use class to another or created through new build or extension in all other non-residential categories
  • the loss or gain or change of use of open space.

The LDD began on 1 April 2004.

The London Development Database and Planning Permissions in Your Area

While most of the London Boroughs provide details of the planning applications they receive on their own websites, it can be difficult to view the permissions granted in a particular location where it is close to borough boundaries. By collecting data from all of the boroughs, the LDD allows us to view data unrestricted by these administrative boundaries. This is made available to the public via the ‘London Development Database Webmap’ website, in which you can search by area or postcode to find the location of live and completed planning permissions anywhere in Greater London.

For information about planning applications that do not meet the LDD criteria, are awaiting a decision or have been rejected, or to see the documents associated with the planning permission, you will need to visit the appropriate borough website or contact their planning department.


Developed by the GLA to assist with monitoring the implementation of the Mayor's London Plan, the database records permissions meeting specific criteria only; it does not record all permissions granted within London.

The GLA is not responsible for adding any information to the database. Information is input by the London boroughs, who are expected to add permissions within three months of being granted.

While the GLA endeavours to ensure that the boroughs maintain a complete and accurate record of relevant permissions, it cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions the LDD may contain.

Published data

Data from LDD is included in the London Plan Annual Monitoring Reports. It also features on the London Datastore and on the London Dashboard.

Bespoke reports

The GLA provides data to consultants and other interested parties by means of special reports designed to meet the client's requirements. A charge will be levied according to the complexity of the report and the nature of the data returned. For more information on this service, please email