Publication from Siân Berry: Hit and run - an unacceptable epidemic

Date published: 
22 November 2016

Nearly five thousand Londoners were victims of hit and run crashes last year as a report published today by Assembly Member Sian Berry shows a 60 per cent increase in these incidents since 2009.

Figures obtained by Sian Berry showed 4,945 people were injured by hit and run drivers in 2015 in the capital. Of those collisions 11 people died, 287 had serious injuries and 4,647 were left with slight injuries. 

Hit and runs now make up one in five of all collisions in London. The figures have now risen every year since 2009 both in number terms and as a percentage of total collisions.

Sian Berry recently asked the Mayor about prosecutions of hit and run drivers. He responded by saying ‘due to limitations within the current systems utilised by the MPS, it is not possible to report specifically the number of these cases that were subject to prosecution action’. 

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