Domestic Abuse in London: Addressing the problem

The number of domestic abuse victims in London has risen from 62,546 in 2014 to 71,926 in 2016, equating to a 15% increase. In London alone, there were 54,462 women and 17,068 men who were victims of domestic abuse in 2016. Perhaps most worryingly, survivors of domestic abuse are often repeat victims. Four in ten domestic violence victims were attacked more than once in 2016, a rise from 3 in 10 in the previous year.

Domestic abuse now accounts for almost 1 in 10 offences in the capital. Whilst changes to legislation in recent years have sought to take more stringent action against perpetrators, a more streamlined approach is called for.

This report by Len Duvall AM looks at the issue of reoffending by domestic abuse perpetrators and calls for a domestic abuser register to allow the police to hold information on perpetrators and better protect survivors.


This report makes four recommendations which we believe would improve policing practices around domestic abuse in London.

  • An evaluation of the threshold for monitoring serial, cross-border offenders;
  • continued lobbying by the Mayor and MOPAC for increased resources from central government, with domestic abuse to remain a high priority in the protection of Londoners;
  • an evaluation of the procedure of the ‘Right to Ask’ scheme so that people can ask via a range of suitable channels;
  • and a change in the law to introduce a ‘domestic abuse offenders register’ for any person convicted of a domestic abuse related offence. In doing so, the police and public would have better access to up-to-date information and tougher measures to place upon offenders in order to protect survivors of domestic abuse and prevent re-offending.

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