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Publication from Caroline Russell: Climate Change Risks for London - Report on behalf of Caroline Russell

Date published: 
01 May 2019

London’s warming – and we’re not ready

London schools, hospitals, tube stations are all at serious risk as global temperatures continue to rise – reveals a startling new report from Caroline Russell AM. It calls for dramatic Mayoral action to protect Londoners.

For the first time, evidence gives an insight of what life will be like in London if we reach 1.5 degrees warming – even hotter heatwaves than we experienced last summer, higher chances of flooding for thousands of homes and hundreds of schools, and extreme strain on emergency services. 


Key findings from ‘Climate change risks for London: a review of evidence under 1.5°C and different warming scenarios’, are:

  • Two thirds of London flats could experience overheating (temp over 28°C) by 2030s 
  • For every 1°C increase over 20°C ambulance call outs increase by 1 per cent
  • In the most vulnerable districts in London, the odds of dying from cardiorespiratory causes increased by more than 10 percent for every 1°C increase in temperature, compared with virtually no effect in the most resilient districts
  • 23 stations on the London Underground Network are at significant risk of flooding and the Northern and Central lines have the most stations at risk
  • 643 schools are at risk from a 1 in 30 year flood (this is considered high risk)
  • An increase of up to 40 per cent in water supply is needed by 2040 in order to meet the water deficit in London and the South East
  • London, compared with other cities in western Europe, is highly exposed to the financial impact of climate change


Read the report in full below

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