I own a building that I want to offer for cultural use

If you own a building or land you wish to offer to an operator for a cultural use. This is how you can find one.

Finding an operator

Develop a brief

Developing an open brief for circulation, much like a job advert, enables prospective operators to come forward. This should include as much detail about the site as you can provide, for example:

  • what you wish to achieve by including a cultural operator
  • the rent range that you with to achieve, keep in mind that the sum that you ask for will impact the tenant that you can engage
  • the size and location of the site
  • if the plot is for lease or purchase
  • what fit out is intended within the plot
  • if there are any ancillary uses possible such as cafes and retail associated with the cultural use
  • lease length

You should ask respondents for:

  • an outline of what the cultural organisation does and intends to use the premises for
  • how they meet the objective of the development
  • a business plan

This opportunity can be circulated via networks including Arts Council England, London Councils culture newsletter, local arts networks. Low cost paid advertising can also be taken in trade publications such as The Creative Land Trust, The Stage and Artists Newsletter. Many local authorities also hold approved providers list held by boroughs.

Engage with stakeholders, including:

  • local authority arts, culture and regeneration services may be aware of local organisations who are looking for a new building. Many hold operator lists that they can provide you with.
  • organisations who represent different areas of cultural infrastructure including the Theatres Trust and the Music Venue Trust 

Cultural consultants

Cultural consultancies can also assist you with developing a brief and achieving the outcome you are looking for.

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