Notice of Police Appeal Tribunal - Ex PC Peter Stallard

Finding made under the Police Conduct Regulations 2012

1.    In or around December 2016, PC Stallard met a member of the public ‘HB’ on a dating website.
In or around December 2016, ex PC Stallard took the following photographs:
(i)    Two photos of his genitals, taken while on uniformed duty, in a police station bathroom;
(ii)    One photo of the inside of a police vehicle;
(iii)    One photo of the front of an armed response vehicle
(iv)    One photo of himself sitting inside a vehicle;
(v)    One photo of himself lying down naked;
(vi)    One ‘selfie’, showing his shoulders, chest, and right arm, wearing an MPS issued name badge; and
(vii)    One photo of a holstered MPS issue firearm.

2.    In or around December 2016, ex PC Stallard sent the above photos to ‘HB’, someone he had never met in person.
3.    Taken together, the photos described above make clear to the objective viewer that it is likely that ex PC Stallard took photos of his penis, whilst on duty and in uniform in a police station bathroom.


Standards of Professional Behaviour Breached

It was found that Ex-PC Peter Stallard breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour, in particular those paragraphs relating to:

Discreditable Conduct

And that these breaches amounted to gross misconduct.


Outcome following Misconduct Hearing

Dismissal without notice.

Outcome of Appeal

The Appeal was dismissed.

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