What is the Mayor doing to help rough sleepers in London?

The Mayor is working to ensure an immediate, safe and sustainable route off the street for every rough sleeper, because he believes that one person sleeping rough is one person too many. The causes of rough sleeping in London are complicated, but the lack of affordable homes and government cuts to the welfare system are key factors. 

Alongside local authorities, the Mayor funds a range of services to support rough sleepers. He will shortly be publishing a comprehensive plan setting out everything he will do to help rough sleepers with his current resources and powers, and what changes the government needs to make to truly end rough sleeping.

Londoners themselves have a role to play in helping rough sleepers too. If you see someone on the streets who you are concerned may be sleeping rough, you can help by letting StreetLink know. They will pass the information on to an outreach team who can visit the person you've seen and offer help.

Sometimes people refuse offers of help. There are a range of reasons for this, but many of those sleeping rough can be reluctant to accept help because of traumatic past experiences, mental health problems, or difficulties with alcohol or drug use. The Mayor has recently funded a specialist service that works with around 350 of those who have been on London’s streets the longest and have the most complex needs.