Planning Committee


Information about Planning Committee

The OPDC Board has appointed a Planning Committee to ensure that decisions on planning applications are made in an open, transparent and impartial manner.


The Planning Committee will either make the decisions on the applications submitted to the OPDC or delegate decisions to officers of the OPDC’s Planning Team.

The membership of the Planning Committee comprises:


  a Chair who is also a member of the OPDC Board

  three independent members

  four local councillors, who have been recommended by the three boroughs whose boundaries fall within the OPDC area

OPDC Planning Committee meetings are held at City Hall and are open to the public (except for when confidential, personal or financial information matters are being discussed).

OPDC Planning Committee meetings can also be viewed on the web, both live and as recordings after the meeting.

OPDC Planning Committee webcasts


Speaking at the Planning Committee meetings


If you have previously written in to comment on a planning application then you may apply to speak at the Planning Committee when it is being considered.


The deadline for registering a request to speak is a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting date and must be made via the contact details below.

020 7983 4415

[email protected] 

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