Devolution Working Group

Purpose of committee

The Fiscal Devolution Working Group was established by the GLA Oversight Committee in December 2013. In response to policy developments, at its meeting of 20 November 2014, the GLA Oversight Committee amended the title to the Devolution Working Group and agreed the following amended terms of reference:

  To consider London’s case for further devolved services and taxes in the context of developments including the Scottish referendum and the devolved model of service provision announced for Manchester;

  To progress the case for further devolution to London by developing practical solutions to unanswered questions including how additional powers and yield from any localised taxes could  work in terms of the roles and responsibilities of  GLA and London Boroughs; and

  To develop draft position statements for the Assembly’s consideration on issues related to the potential further devolution of powers to London Government and any potential changes to governance arrangements within London Government and to take the lead in promoting the Assembly’s agreed views on these matters.


Agendas, minutes and other papers for meetings of this committee may be accessed above.


Contact information

Support officer: Vishal Seegoolam, Principal Committee Manager; Telephone: 020 7983 4425; Email:  [email protected]; Minicom: 020 7983 4458.