London Enterprise Panel

Purpose of committee

The Terms of Reference for the London Enterprise Panel are:


a)  to act as a forum for London’s businesses, boroughs, the Mayoralty, Transport for London, and other key stakeholders to discuss the key levers and investment requirements for private sector growth in London, with specific reference to;

  I.  Ensuring Londoners have the skills to compete for and sustain London’s jobs;

  II.  Supporting and growing London’s businesses;

  III.  Promoting enterprise and innovation;

  IV.  Diversifying London’s economy;

  V.  Ensuring London has the infrastructure to keep the city moving and functioning; and

  VI.  Strategic oversight of London’s capital investment plans, including but not limited to, housing, transport, Enterprise Zones, Olympic Legacy and East London convergence


b)  to provide a strong voice to government on matters affecting London’s economic development and competitiveness;


c)  to advise the Mayor of London on the allocation of funding made available to the Panel, subject to the agreement of the funder and to any arrangements with the GLA as accountable body for that funding stream including consideration of project and programme approvals in line with the GLA’s programme management framework.


d)  in carrying out its functions in relation to (c) above, to undertake the following activities:

  I.  Formulation of a clear strategy for spend including the allocation of budgets on at least an annual basis;

  II.  Consideration of specific programmes and projects in accordance with the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy, Transport Strategy and the London Plan;

  III.  Consideration of finance and performance information; and

  IV.  Monitoring and identification of risks.


e)  to act as a consultee as necessary on the disposition of GLA resources towards the work of the Panel;


f)  to contribute towards the delivery of the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy, Transport Strategy and the London Plan; and


g)  To receive recommendations from the Panel’s Subordinate Bodies.


The LEP meets on a quarterly basis. Whilst meetings are not open to the public, agendas, minutes and other papers for meetings may be accessed from this page by date.


Agendas are published at least two clear working days before the meeting to which they relate and minutes of the meetings are published within two weeks of the meeting to which they relate.



Contact information

Support officer: Jamie Izzard, Board Secretary. Tel: 020 7983 4420 Email:  [email protected]