Confirmation Hearings Committee

Purpose of committee

The Assembly may hold Confirmation Hearings when the Mayor proposes to make an appointment to the following offices:

·  Chair or deputy chair of Transport for London

·  Chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

·  Chair of the Cultural Strategy Group

·  Chair or deputy chair of the London Pensions Fund Authority

·  Chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board

·  Chair of a Mayoral Development Corporation, such as the London Legacy Development Corporation


The Mayor must notify the Assembly when he wishes to make one of the above appointments, and the Assembly has three weeks to respond to him with a recommendation as to whether the appointment should be confirmed. The Assembly may request that a candidate attends a Confirmation Hearing to answer questions relating to the appointment before making a recommendation.


The Mayor may choose to accept or reject the Assembly’s recommendation and must notify the Assembly of his decision. The appointment cannot be made until the end of the confirmation process.


Agendas, minutes and other papers for meetings of this committee are accessible above.


The Confirmation Hearings Committee terms of reference.


Dates for Confirmation Hearing Committee meetings are agreed following statutory notification from the Mayor that he intends to make an appointment in accordance with Section 60A and Schedule 4A of the Greater London Authority Acts 1999 and 2007.


Contact information

Support officer: Teresa Young, Senior Committee Officer; telephone: 020 7983 6559; email:  [email protected]; Minicom 7983 4458.