Agenda item

Head of Paid Service Oral Update

The Head of Paid Service to provide any service updates not covered in the rest of the agenda.


9.1  The Committee was informed by the Head of Paid Service that the 2020 Vision document had been published on the 11 June 2013 and would be discussed in more detail with the Mayor at the Assembly Plenary meeting of 24 July 2013.


9.2  Actions arising from the 2020 Vision report included developing shared lobbying activities with the Chair of the London Finance Commission (LFC), Professor Tony Travers; key Mayoral meetings, including planned meetings with The Core Cities; and work on a scoping proposition for the major infrastructure project plan, about which the Head of Paid Service had previously suggested the Assembly should be involved.


9.3  Further planned follow-up activity included overhauling the role and remit of the London Enterprise Panel, as reflected in the LFC and 2020 Vision reports; and discussions with London Councils and borough leaders to consider next steps, particularly in terms of skills and employment City Deals and double devolution activity.


9.4  The Head of Paid Service cautioned that whilst the Mayor had expressed an aspiration to publish the infrastructure plan for the 2020 Vision by the end of 2013, there would be inherent difficulties in doing so due to the potential wide-ranging scope of the plan and players involved. In order to settle the scope and to pave the way for the actions outlined above, the Head of Paid Service had, in conjunction with the Chief of Staff, established an informal group to monitor and progress actions arising from the document.


9.5  The Committee requested that it receives a formal report on the infrastructure plan at a future meeting and, depending on timing, an informal written update in time for its September meeting.  It was also requested that the Assembly be kept fully informed of progress on any resultant devolution of powers in order that the Assembly could put forward concomitant devolution claims as appropriate; the Head of Scrutiny and Investigations advised the Committee that a Working Group had already been established to consider this issue.


9.6  The Committee was also informed by the Head of Paid Service of activity to celebrate the anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including the Team London Go Local event, the Anniversary Games, Ride London and the Festival of Disability Sport.


9.7  The Committee raised concerns with the Head of Paid Service about the deterioration in sound quality in the Chamber, and were advised that the Executive Director of Secretariat had been investigating a system upgrade. The Head of Paid Service agreed to look into the matter further.