Agenda item

London's Transport Now and in the Future

Report of the Executive Director of Secretariat

Contact: Grace Pollard, [email protected], 020 7983 6597

The Committee is recommended to:

(a)   Note the report as background to putting questions to guests on London’s transport now and in the future and note the subsequent discussion; and


(b)   Delegate authority to the Chair, in consultation with party Group Lead Members, to agree the final output for the investigation on London’s transport now and in the future.


7.1  The Committee received the report of the Executive Director of Secretariat as background to putting questions on London’s transport now and in the future to the following invited guests:

·  John Dickie, Director of Policy and Strategy, London First;

·  Lucinda Turner, Director of Spatial Planning, Transport for London (TfL)

·  Nicole Badstuber, Research Associate, Urban Infrastructure Policy and Governance, University of Cambridge

·  Silviya Barrett, Research Manager, Centre for London; and

·  Simon Nielsen, Head of Strategic Analysis, TfL.


7.2  A transcript of the discussion is attached at Appendix 1.


7.3  During the course of the discussion, the Committee requested the following further information in writing:

·  Accident rates for motorcyclists in London on roads where they may use bus lanes, against roads where they cannot;

·  What is being done to reduce public subsidy in electric vehicle infrastructure;

·  Detail of the work being done to make TfL’s energy use more sustainable;

·  Explain the approach taken, and future details, on outer London bus reviews;

·  A breakdown of London’s bus usage by area, to show where in London bus use is dropping and by how much;

·  Detail of any work being done to introduce annual capping to Oyster and contactless payments;

·  TfL’s submission to the financial review of approaches to fund the construction of Crossrail 2;

·  An explanation as to why Mobileye has not been rolled out more widely on London’s bus network; and

·  An outline of the work being done between TfL, High Speed 2 and Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.


7.4  Resolved:


  That the report and discussion be noted.

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