Agenda item

The 2019-20 GLA Group Budget - TfL

Report of the Executive Director of Secretariat

Contact: Will King; [email protected]; 020 7983 5596


The Committee is recommended to note the report, put questions to invited guests on the 2019-20 GLA Group Budget and note the discussion.


5.1  The Committee received the report of the Executive Director of Secretariat as background to putting questions on the draft 2019/20 budget for Transport for London (TfL) to the following invited guests:

·  Mike Brown MVO, Commissioner, TfL;

·  Heidi Alexander, Deputy Mayor for Transport;

·  Simon Kilonback, Chief Financial Officer, TfL;

·  Sarah Bradley, Head of Group Financial Accounting, TfL; and

·  David Gallie, Assistant Director – Group Finance; GLA.


5.2  A transcript of the discussion is attached as Appendix 1.


5.3  During the course of the discussion, the Committee requested the following additional information:

·  Confirmation of the expected completion date of the Canary Wharf to Rotherhithe Bridge;

·  Funding available for Healthy Streets beyond the five years of the current business plan;

·  Where possible, a breakdown of Healthy Streets funding by cycling, walking and buses;

·  A methodology summary for Healthy Streets funding that’s takes account of matters beyond the benefit-cost ratio process;

·  Details of movements in capital renewals spend, including reclassification of emissions equipment spend, any reallocation and practical delivery issues;

·  Explanation of TfL’s definitions of “safe” and “good repair” and how this informs TfL’s approach to street maintenance;

·  Details of capital programme expenditure project by project and how they have been classified into the categories of critical, central, desirable and deprioritised;

·  In relation to the ‘desirable’ category, further details of how these projects are expected to be funded;

·  The revenue implications of the Bank Station closure currently scheduled for the summer of 2021;

·  An estimate of the revenue lost as a result of the delays to the Northern Line Extension;

·  An estimate of the fare revenue from running Boxing Day Services on the Overground;

·  The amount expected to be raised by the £20 per annum charge for the photocard that enables people to travel for free.


5.4  Resolved:


  That the report and discussion be noted.

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