Agenda item

Domestic Energy and Fuel Poverty in London

Report of the Executive Director of Secretariat

Contact: Ian Williamson, [email protected]; 020 7983 6541


The Committee is recommended to note the report as background to putting questions to invited guests on domestic energy and fuel poverty in London, and note the subsequent discussion.


6.1  The Committee received the report of the Executive Director of Secretariat as background to putting questions on domestic energy and fuel poverty in London to the following invited guests:

·  Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive, Energy Saving Trust;

·  Peter Smith, Director of Policy & Research, National Energy Action (NEA);

·  Sophie Neuburg, London Campaigns Lead, Friends of the Earth;

·  Afsheen Kabir Rasheed, Chief Operating Officer, Repowering London;

·  Claire Maugham, Director of Policy and Communications, Smart Energy GB;

·  Giovanna Speciale, Co-Founder and CEO, South East London Community Energy; and

·  Bevan Jones, Managing Director, Sustainable Homes.


6.2  A transcript of the discussion is attached at Appendix 1.

6.3  During the course of the discussion, the Director of Policy and Research, NEA undertook to provide the following additional information:

·  The rationale and workings behind NEA’s calculation that 69% of the national increase in fuel poverty had been driven through increases in London; and

·  Further information in relation to the technical trials undertaken with the Technical Innovation Fund in the London Borough of Camden, particularly the cost savings delivered through bulk purchase of battery units for domestic energy storage.


6.4  Resolved:


(a)  That the report and discussion be noted; and


(b)  That authority be delegated to the Chair, in consultation with party Group Lead Members, to agree any output from the discussion.

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