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London Overground

Report of the Executive Director of Secretariat

Contact: Steve Wright; [email protected]; 020 7983 4390


The Committee is recommended to note the report, put questions to the guests and note the discussion.


5.1  The Committee received the report of the Executive Director of Secretariat as background to putting questions on London Overground to the following invited guests:

·  Jon Fox, Director of Rail, Transport for London;

·  Peter Austin, Managing Director, London Overground Rail Operations Ltd;

·  Janet Cooke, Chief Executive, London TravelWatch; and

·  Jonathan Roberts, Managing Director, Jonathan Roberts Consulting.


5.2  A presentation on London Overground given by Peter Austin is attached at Appendix 1.


5.3  A transcript of the discussion is attached at Appendix 2.


5.4  During the course of the discussion, the Committee requested the following additional information in writing:

·  A breakdown of London Overground income, showing which elements were linked to the Retail Prices Index;

·  What incentives might work for rail operators and Network Rail to improve the line-side environment, particularly in relation to graffiti, refuse and litter;

·  The percentage fare risk for Transport for London in the Crossrail concession; and

·  The leasing costs for the £250 million of new rolling stock for the West Anglia Overground lines.


5.5  Resolved:


  That the report and discussion be noted.

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