Meetings of the Whole Assembly

Mayor's Question Time meetings: the Assembly questions the Mayor, in public, ten times a year as part of its role of holding him to account. Questions put to the Mayor by the Assembly Members cover the full range of the Greater London Authority's duties (including police, the fire service, regeneration and transport) and can also range into almost any issue of concern to Londoners. Questions from Assembly Members that are not answered at the meeting are given written answers which we publish here within a week of the meeting.

Assembly Plenary meetings: the Assembly meets regularly to hold to account bodies such as Transport for London, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, the London Legacy Development Corporation and the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation. It also uses its Plenary meetings for discussions with other organisations whose work has an impact of the lives of Londoners.

During Assembly Meetings, Members may move a Motion. These are put forward, usually in writing, by individual Members who speak in support of them. Other Members, who may agree with only part of the motion, can put forward an amendment to the wording of the motion, which is also debated and voted upon. Votes on motions are carried by a majority of those Members present and voting. A list of motions agreed by the Assembly from October 2013 onwards and any responses received can be found here.


Assembly Members may also present petitions during Assembly Meetings. Members of the public who wish to raise a matter of concern with the Mayor or a functional body of the Greater London Authority may collect signatures in support of a written request. Such petitions are then presented by Assembly Members to a London Assembly Plenary meeting. Responses to petitions are reported formally to a meeting of the London Assembly and will be placed on the GLA website. Further information on petitions can be found here.