European flags

London's European Office

London's European Office in Brussels monitors and influences EU policy as well as identifying opportunities for London to obtain EU funding.

Working in Europe

London's European Office works to:

  • inform colleagues across the GLA Group about EU policies, legislation and funding opportunities of relevance to London 
  • promote the vision and work of the Mayor in Brussels to the EU and other cities and stakeholders based in Brussels
  • ensure that London’s interests are taken into account in the development of EU policies and programmes, in particular through contacts with the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament.

We support the Mayor of London and GLA Group, comprising City Hall and the functional bodies (TfL, LFEPA and MOPAC/MPS). We also cooperate with London’s Higher Education sector, in particular through London Higher.

Partnerships in Europe

In Brussels we are involved in several networks, partnerships and campaigns with other cities and partners with whom we share common interests, including:

  • EUROCITIES, the network of large European cities;
  • POLIS, the EU regions network focussing on sustainable transport;
  • UITP, the global association for public transport;
  • AIR, a network of competitive regions working on improving air quality.