DD1305 English The Key to Integration in London – extended grants

Type of decision: 
Director's decision
Date signed: 
07 April 2015
Decision by: 
Jeff Jacobs, Head of Paid Service

Executive summary

The English: The Key to Integration in London programme was approved by the Mayor’s Investment and Performance Board on 11 September 2013 and by MD1264 on the 26 September 2013. The project is funded by £1.5m from the European Integration Fund [EIF] which is administered by the Home Office and £0.5m DfE funding (DD1281, 05/11/2014) through the Mayor’s London Schools Excellence Fund [LSEF] approved by MD1132.

The purposes of objectives 3 and 4 of the project are to develop the capacity of schools in London to increase the levels of literacy of non-EU pupils with English as an Additional language [EAL] and to evaluate the impact of increasing non-EU national mothers’ level of English involvement in the school community.

This DD seeks approval to allocate grant funding up to a maximum of £385,212 following the successful extended competitive grant award process for objectives 3 and 4 (as confirmed by DD1252 from 20 October 2014) which took place in November 2014.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

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