Pension credit

Pension credit: know your rights

The Mayor wants to reduce the number of older Londoners living in poverty. That’s why every year we run the Know Your Rights campaign to tell older Londoners about the support available to help them through winter. 

About the campaign

This year’s Know Your Rights campaign is focused on Pension Credit. The campaign, in partnership with Age UK London, runs from January to April 2016. Older Londoners are encouraged to contact their local Age UK to find out if they or someone they know is eligible for Pension Credit or other financial help.

Find out more about Pension Credit here.

What support are you eligible for?

You may be eligible for Pension Credit if you are:

  • a single pensioner on less than £151.20 a week
  • part of a couple on less than £230.85 a week

If you qualify for Savings Credit you could get up to:

  • £14.82 per week if you are a single pensioner
  • or £17.43 per week if you are part of a couple

You may also be able to get help with your household bills, fuel bills and health care costs. Even if you’re not eligible, you may still be able to claim other support. For example: Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance and help with energy costs.

Go to your local Age UK service to find out what you are entitled to and to apply.

How can Pension Credit help you?

The stories below give real-life examples of how claiming Pension Credit can make a difference.

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