New Year's Eve fireworks

Business and resident information for London New Year's Eve 2016

Are you affected?

If you live or work near the London New Year’s Eve event, access to your home or business may be affected by restrictions or road closures. To find out if you're in the event area, search for your postcode on our interactive map below.

Please note, this map is provisional - there may be some changes as we continue planning the event, so make sure you check back in the coming weeks.

Alternatively, you can view our affected areas map or pedestrian restrictions map which will be updated as planning progresses.

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Keep up to date

Do you have any questions about how New Year's Eve will affect you as a local business or resident? Our business and resident frequently asked questions will answer them.

The Business and Resident database for 2016 is now closed. For questions regarding this year’s event and how it affects you, please contact: & 0208 735 2382