Will there be disruptions that may affect your travel to and from the fireworks?

There’ll be changes to regular Tube and train services on Sunday 31 December, including many planned closures and diversions, and planned industrial action on South Western Railway. Many roads in central London will be closed too, which will affect bus routes. You should consider the transport services you need both to get you to the event and home again afterwards. 


Be prepared to use different routes, stations or station entrances with queueing systems in place to get home. Some stations may have to close at short notice to ensure public safety.

Visit Transport for London and National Rail for more information. Also see South Western Railway.


Please check our transport updates on some of the key changes which may affect Tube and rail services, and information about planned road closures, on and around New Year’s Eve.

Please remember you won’t be able to cross the river on foot before or after the event. Around 2pm, Westminster Bridge will close to pedestrians and Golden Jubilee Bridge around 4pm. Waterloo Bridge will also close to pedestrians around 4pm, and to all vehicles including bicycles from 7:30pm. Other bridges will be affected by road closures during the evening/night. That means you’ll need to use London Underground to travel from one side of the river to the other.