Your chance to vote

If you want to vote at an election or referendum in the UK, you must be on the electoral register.

You can register to vote online at in just a few minutes using a simple form.

You will be asked to provide your National Insurance number, your date of birth and your address. If you do not have them, you can still register to vote but will need to send additional documents. Follow the instructions in the form for more information. 
You only need to register once - you don’t need to register separately for every election. You must register again if you’ve changed address, name or nationality.
To find out more about how to register to vote so you can have your say, visit Your Vote Matters

How do I check if I’m registered to vote?

Every local authority holds the electoral register for their own area. There is no online electoral roll.

To check if you are registered to vote, you will need to contact your local electoral registration office. Visit Your Vote Matters to find the contact details for your local electoral registration office. You can also find out more information about who can vote, registering to vote, how to vote, and what you can vote for.

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