FOI - North London Ltd and the Exporting Success Project

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
January 2016

Summary of request

Please send similar material for the earlier years relating to North London Ltd. and the Exporting Success programme; or confirm that the GLA did not collect it? I note that the ERDF 2009 Due Diligence Report (which you forwarded) includes the following: ‘They have yet to provide a copy of their signed 2008 accounts, despite our written request for them to do so. This coupled with the experian comment stating that the account filed in Companies House for 2008, shows that they have not traded during the financial year, is a cause for concern and the agency should only proceed after their trading position has been confirmed and signed accounts received as requested. The following Mitigating actions should be considered in order to proceed: No initial advance Payment to be made All subsequent payment to be made in arrears and semi-annual detailed financial monitoring. Semi-annual financial review’. Please will you confirm that signed accounts were received prior to the grant being awarded; confirm that 'All subsequent payment' was 'made in arrears and semi-annual detailed'; forward copies of the semi-annual detailing of payments; confirm that there were indeed semi-annual financial reviews in the years 2009-2012; and if such reviews occurred, send me copies of the results? Finally, I understand that re North London Ltd., ‘As a result of a previously unidentified claim against the Company the Official Receiver was appointed in 2013'. Please will you state who the unidentified claimant was?