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Re-opening London Safely

London is open for a haircut, a coffee, a movie and much more, helping the businesses that make our city the best in the world get back on their feet.

However, as we open up again we must not be complacent about the importance of following the public health guidelines. Londoners safety comes first. Wearing a face-covering and social distancing are still necessary and avoid making unnecessary journeys on public transport especially during peak hours.


What you need to know

Going out safely

As lockdown eases further, we must all keep playing our part to control the spread of COVID-19. Please go out and support London’s brilliant local businesses and cultural attractions. But, when doing so, always remember that lives are still at stake.  Please stick to the rules, act responsibly and stay safe at all times.

There are some simple things you can do to play your part:

  • Maintain a 2 metre distance from others wherever possible 

  • Wear a face covering if you can’t stay a safe distance from others - this includes in shops and other enclosed spaces

  • Wash your hands regularly and carry hand sanitiser with you 

  • Continue to limit contact with others, and if you’re meeting up indoors, remember you can only meet with one other household 

  • Avoid public transport if possible. If you have to use it, you must wear a face covering 

  • Stay away from large groups of people 

  • When you set out, make sure you have a facial covering 

  • If you or someone in your household feels unwell, stay at home. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, get a test by calling 119 or by visiting the NHS website.  

Using public transport

Avoid using public transport as much as possible.

Now is the time to rediscover our local neighbourhoods, support local business and remind ourselves what it is to be a Londoner. So if you can, use walkways or cycling routes to get to your destination. This will free up the limited space available to those who have no alternative way to travel.

If you need to use public transport, avoid the busiest (peak) times: 05:45-08:15 and 16:00-17:30, and the busiest stations and lines. 

Whenever you are travelling, wear a face covering, keep 2 metres apart from others where possible, follow signs, listen to announcements and pay attention to TfL staff.  

Wash your hands before and after your journey, carry hand sanitiser or use sanitiser points at stations, and use contactless or Oyster to pay for your travel 

Whenever you use public transport in London, remember to show transport and other passengers staff respect and consideration. We are all in this together.  

TfL’s travel guidance is available on their website.

TfL toilets are currently closed, but will be reopening soon, and can be found at these locations on the network.

National Rail station toilets are open.

Calling ahead to venues and staying safe while out

When you are out and about over the coming days, weeks and months, check the pub, bar or venue you plan to visit is open and you can get in. Some venues are booking only. Others will have limited space and queuing, and some may not be open at all.

Checking your intended venue’s social media or calling the venue before going will help avoid big queues and keep us all a bit safer.

Once you arrive at your destination, please ensure you follow the instructions given by the venue. These rules are in place to both keep Londoners safe and enable businesses to re-open.

Find loos (toilets) that are open near your destination at or by following @lockdownloo on Twitter. 

Acting considerately and behaving responsibly

The experience of going out will be very different from what it was before COVID-19. Please act sensibly, respectfully and with the health of other, more vulnerable, Londoners in mind.

Wherever you spend time out in London, remember to show staff working at your venue appreciation, respect and consideration. Use your influence with people you are with, and encourage them to act responsibly also.

We are all in this together.

Looking for business information?

You can find advice and support for businesses on the London Growth Hub.

A team of business advisers are available to help your business with the challenges of COVID-19. 

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