Where can I buy a face covering?

Face coverings are now available from a whole range of retailers including many supermarkets and pharmacies.   

A number of people are also making cloth face coverings at home for wider sale and these can be found on online marketplaces.  Be aware that the quality and fit may vary so there are a few things to consider when buying.  Some sellers are donating part of their profits to the NHS, other charities or vulnerable groups impacted by coronavirus.  As always, be alert to scams and anything that looks too good to be true

You can buy face coverings in multipacks, which helps ensure that you don’t have to put back on an unwashed mask.  You can also purchase coverings made for children, often in fun designs or bright colours.   Some sellers stock a range of sizes to help you find a good fit.  

Remember that you should not buy medical grade masks as these are not appropriate for everyday use and take essential supplies from frontline health and care workers who need them.