What do we do if construction work is taking place on the building we live in during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown? 

Construction work is now starting to remobilise, where it is safe to do so and social distancing measures can be implemented on site to protect health and safety. The Mayor has been clear that construction firms operating in London should have a plan for how they will reduce public transport usage by construction workers as part of the public health response to COVID-19.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published detailed guidance on the measures construction firms should follow on site to reduce the risk of transmission. If construction work is taking place in the building where you live, ensure you are following social distancing rules, keeping 2 metres apart from construction workers, and avoiding any skin-to-skin contact. Additionally, try to use the stairs wherever possible, in preference to lifts. This will reduce congestion and contact. Regularly clean your door handles or touchpoints that may be exposed to construction. 

If you notice workers are not complying with Public Health England (PHE) or social distancing rules while on site, either when working or during breaks, notify the construction firm/contractor and reference the CLC’s guidance.

With regards to cladding, the Mayor recognises the wider supply chain, in particular the provision of materials, is likely to be significantly constrained and may ultimately halt works or delay them from starting on site. Any such delay in replacing unsafe cladding will mean that interim measures, such as waking watch, will be needed for longer at the expense of individual leaseholders. The Mayor has consistently called for these costs to be funded by the Government and continues to advocate for this in the current context. Measures such as waking watch should also follow PHE guidelines and social distancing rules. If you observe that this is not the case, notify the individuals or companies providing this service. Further, if you are concerned that your building owner may not be able to continue providing a waking watch in your building, please notify your local Fire and Rescue Service – in London, this is the London Fire Brigade.