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Parliament Square Garden

Parliament Square Garden is at the heart of Contemporary British Politics and is an area of significant historic and symbolic value to the British People and many others worldwide.

Parliament Square Garden has played an important part in our heritage as a place of ceremonies and significant historic events. In 1987 it was designated as the Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square Conservation Area and inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, listed in 1996 and is an English Heritage Grade II registered garden of Special Historic Interest.

This role continues today, as Parliament Square Garden is still a key part of the ceremonial route between Westminster Abbey and Westminster Hall.

Managed by the Greater London Authority, Parliament Square Garden hosts a range of activities including: filming and photography and small rallies and demonstrations.

Find out further information on the history of Parliament Square Garden.

The Square is surrounded by unparalleled cultural spaces and historic buildings. Our neighbours include Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, House of Commons, House of Lords and the QEII Centre. To find out more, go to Visit London and UNESCO site.

If you wish to hold an event on the Square please go to the Booking the Square page.