Better Health for London: Next Steps

Date published: 
18 March 2015

The Mayor of London, NHS England, Public Health England, London Councils and the 32 GP-led clinical commissioning groups have come together to outline how, individually and collaboratively, they will work towards London becoming the world's healthiest major city.

The London Health Board has been refocused in response to the challenges set out in the London Health Commission’s Better Health for London report and the NHS Five Year Forward View. The aim is to work together at all levels to make the best use of resources and build on best practice to improve the health and well-being of all Londoners, wherever they live in the capital. The plan is a good basis to explore how London could benefit from more autonomy to improve the future of the capital’s health.

Better Health for London: Next Steps sets out shared ambitions and how they will measure progress towards the following shared goals:

• give all London's children a healthy, happy start to life

• get London fitter with better food, more exercise and healthier living

• make work a healthy place to be in London

• help Londoners to kick unhealthy habits

• care for the most mentally ill in London so they live longer, healthier lives

• enable Londoners to do more to look after themselves

• ensure that every Londoner is able to see a GP when they need to and at a time that suits them

• create the best health and care services of any world city, throughout London and on every day

• fully engage and involve Londoners in the future health of their city

• put London at the centre of the global revolution in digital health

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