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Making sure it works – testing the new

29 July 2015

Last December, we asked Test Partners to help us test and quality assure City Hall’s new website. Mark Wilkinson, Test Manager, talks about the range of testing needed for a project like this and why it’s essential to make sure the end result is as reliable as it can be.

Got a bright idea to boost the supply of new homes in London?

29 July 2015

New London Architecture, in partnership with the Mayor of London, are inviting London’s best and brightest to submit their innovative ideas to increase the supply of new homes in London. Up for grabs is a real opportunity to effect change, presenting to key government representatives.

Traditional music at Eid Festival 2015

24 July 2015

Amran Ellahi is performing at the Mayor’s Eid Festival on 25 July with his band Aa’shiq al-Rasul. He explains why Eid is important and tells us more about the musical tradition of nasheeds.

Duty Officer Update - 17 July 2015

17 July 2015

Are you a business owner? Register for FREE to get information from police, TfL and ourselves regarding emergencies and incidents in London. Find out more about CSSC and what else we've been up to this week...

Mayor's Response to Home Secretary's Water Cannon Decision

15 July 2015

Commenting on today's decision by the Home Secretary to not grant a license to the police for the use of water cannon, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “I am disappointed that the Home Secretary has decided not to grant a licence for the use of water cannon, despite strong support for being able to use them if absolutely needed by both the Met Police Commissioner and the Prime Minister and indeed the people of London, 68 per cent were in favour when polled.


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