Socio-economic regeneration in the OPDC area

Our Socio-economic Regeneration Strategy Outline

This strategy was approved by the Board in January 2016, and focuses on the following objectives:

  • establishing a liveable new place at Old Oak, with new homes, accessible facilities and attractive neighbourhoods enjoyed by residents, employees and visitors
  • delivering a new commercial centre for London that attracts investment, supports established, new and innovative businesses to thrive and grow, creating thousand of new jobs
  • protecting and strengthening Park Royal industrial area and supporting its future competitiveness
  • providing education and training to improve life chances, and equip new and existing residents to compete in the economy of the future
  • promoting good health and well-being in the planning and development of the new neighbourhood

Projects in development

We are building our evidence base and relationships with the neighbouring boroughs, as well as key partners, to develop projects that unlock the regeneration potential of the area for local people and businesses. These project include:

  • Park Royal – engaging with local businesses to develop practical actions to remove barriers to growth and create long-term opportunities
  • West London Construction & Future Skills Campus – upskilling local residents to fill apprenticeships and vacancies created through early developments on site, the HS2 construction programme, and regeneration projects across West London
  • supply chain development – building capacity among small, medium and large businesses to compete for contracts generated from new infrastructure and investment in the area
  • future talent pipeline – informing, inspiring and equipping young people to make successful careers in construction and London’s future growth sectors
  • innovation hubs to stimulate new economic activity within the new developments at Old Oak, and through intensification of Park Royal
  • the role of the Engagement Team is to work in partnership with various community groups and stakeholders to support and deliver the vision and objectives of OPDC

A Socio-economic baseline of Old Oak and Park Royal has been published by GLA Economics on 17 March 2016. Commissioned by OPDC, it will be used to measure the impacts of the major regeneration project at Old Oak and wider area over time.