Park Royal Industrial Area

Park Royal is one of London’s primary industrial areas and is the largest area of Strategic Industrial Land (SIL) in the city.

It supports around 1,700 businesses that employ 43,100 employees, across a range of sectors including: food manufacturing, logistics, film and prop houses, car repair and vehicle maintenance.

The Mayor's vision for Park Royal

In the Mayor’s vision for Old Oak and Park Royal, the Mayor has said that he wants to protect, strengthen and intensify Park Royal and envisages capacity for 10,000 additional jobs and 1,500 new homes. He recognises that it performs a vital role in supplying London and supporting the London economy.

All across London there has been a loss of SIL above London Plan benchmark levels, and with pressure to build more housing, there is a danger that this industrial land could be lost.

The Mayor so he wants to protect it and look at how we can make more efficient use of the land, to attract new growth sectors and create more jobs.

With the massive development planned near by at Old Oak, it is also vitally important that Park Royal is fit for the future, that it remains competitive over the long-term, and that Park Royal businesses can reap the benefits of the new opportunities that will come to the area.

A look at the current state of Park Royal

To develop and inform any strategic interventions for Park Royal, a review of the existing evidence base was undertaken, new studies were commissioned and an extensive business engagement exercise was carried out.

The emerging work plan will look to address the following areas:

  • infrastructure – transport, utilities, Broadband
  • skills
  • building a Park Royal Estate Team
  • intensification 

Park Royal Supporting Studies

A series of supporting studies to inform the development of the business plan have already been conducted, including: