Old Oak Masterplan

On 23 May 2017, after the Procurement Standstill period, the Old Oak Masterplan contract was awarded to the successful bidder, AECOM. Following this, a number of meetings and workshops led by the Senior Management Team at Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) took place to refine the scope of the project. This resulted in an updated brief being issued to the Masterplan team in June 2017. 

In response to the updated brief, AECOM will lead the team to:

  • Provide ‘a spatial masterplan for Old Oak to support the delivery of a new, high quality city in the west of London’
  • Build on existing work, using the OPDC Local Plan as a starting point
  • Ensure the work reflects the recommendations set out in the Mayoral Review of OPDC
  • Devise options for developing priority areas, Old Oak North and Scrubs Lane, over the next ten years; and
  • Identify the infrastructure needs to make the most out of development including links to and from Willesden Junction, North Acton and the HS2 station
  • Recommend what conditions can be formed to create a high quality place in the long term
  • Recommend what opportunities can be taken advantage of whilst the station is being built by HS2

AECOM is expected to provide the recommendation and success criteria for evaluating options by Autumn/Winter 2017.

Subsequent to this, the team will improve and enhance strategic options further.  Most likely, Old Oak South and other neighbouring areas will be integrated and activities like developer-led projects will be considered. 

The overall framework will then outline the infrastructure needs for development, establish timescales for delivery and show how different areas in Old Oak will relate and connect to one another other.

Forecasted timeline and key milestones:

  • OJEU Standstill period — 12-22 May 2017
  • contract awarded — 23 May 2017
  • contract start and mobilisation — June 2017
  • Stage 1: baseline analysis and identification immediate priorities — Summer 2017
  • Stage 2: comprehensive phasing and options analysis (incl. engagement with stakeholders) — Autumn/Winter 2017
  • Stage 3: detailed development of preferred options — Early 2018
  • presentation of Masterplan — Spring 2018

The Old Oak masterplanning contract will allow for:

  • Greater certainty for landowners, investors and stakeholders on how and when the area will be developed
  • The development of a clear delivery strategy, funding and financing strategy, land assembly strategy and business plan for OPDC as a future landowner
  • Clarity and consensus on what key site wide infrastructure is needed and where it would be located to allow for procurement and investment
  • A site wide approach to development, creating synergies between different landowners schemes

Background on OPDC and scale of opportunity

Old Oak and Park Royal is London’s largest Opportunity Area with a new High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail Station due to be constructed at Old Oak by 2026.

Redevelopment of the area has the potential to deliver 24,000 new homes and 55,000 jobs in Old Oak and 1,500 new homes and 10,000 jobs on the adjoining Park Royal industrial estate.

OPDC was established in April 2015 to drive forward future development plans for the wider area.

OPDC has full planning powers within its 650 hectare boundary that includes land in the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing and Brent.