OPDC - draft local plan meeting

OPDC revised draft Local Plan - consultation snapshot

We've collated a number of the questions and issues raised during the 10-week consultation for the revised draft Local Plan for Old Oak and Park Royal in July - September 2017.

You told us that...

  • Jobs and training for local people was important: the revised draft Local Plan contains specific polices that will help deliver jobs and training for local people
  • You had concerns that increasing the number of jobs in Park Royal will make the area more congested: we’re now carrying out further studies to understand the possible impacts of intensifying Park Royal and how to address this
  • The focus on cycling over walking facilities wasn’t good: our Sustainable Transport Hierarchy places walking above cycling and probably received more focus in our presentations due to the necessary extra infrastructure required to create safe cycle paths
  • You wanted greater clarity on building heights and the locations of these future buildings: as we are only 2 years into the project, the revised draft Local Plan at this stage is only able to provide broad locations but further detail will follow as we continue to carry out studies for the area. At present, the largest body of research into this subject has been carried out for Scrubs Lane and Victoria Road, which is why the Local Plan provides more detail for these specific areas
  • Any future new ‘Open spaces’ need to ensure areas are publicly accessible for all: we have an ambition to creating 30% new publicly accessible open space and have policies to secure its long-term access for all
  • We should be using the canal more to ease road congestion: we agree! We have policies in place to support and promote this as we want to create vibrant canal activity and a sustainable transport network in Old Oak and Park Royal
  • You were concerned that more residents will lead to more cars parking in the area: our policies promote very low levels of car parking as public transport will be easily accessible. We’re also working with the surrounding Boroughs to manage controlled parking zones and our policies strongly support car sharing facilities, have factored in the future potential of driverless cars and support blue badge parking
  • Heritage is incredibly important and something that OPDC should protect: we have policies that work with national guidance to conserve and enhance heritage assets in the area. We will also be using existing character to shape new development
  • Public realm areas are important but are often neglected after the initial unveiling: within the revised draft Local Plan, we have policies in place to secure the delivery and management of high quality public realm and the materials used – as well as maintenance strategies to secure the ongoing upkeep
  • You want to know about the phasing timetable: our Development Capacity Study sets out the current expected phase of development and regeneration. This document and map will be updated with greater clarity as the development progresses
  • Artistic and cultural uses are strongly linked to the area and OPDC needs to protect this: we specifically acknowledge this need and requirement, and have created policies to re-provide existing and new floor space for creative uses. We will also be carrying out meanwhile activity through the Great Place Scheme that will ensure that art, culture and heritage are at the heart of the major regeneration at Old Oak and Park Royal.