Examination Documents

Part of the Examination Library, these are documents issued by and to the Planning Inspector including the Inspector’s initial questions, responses to these questions and procedural information.

Examination Documents

Inspector’s Initial Questions and OPDC responses
ID-01 Inspector's Initial Questions 1-23
OPDC/001 OPDC Response to Inspector's Initial Questions 1-23
ID-01A Inspectors Response to OPDC-001
OPDC/001A OPDC’s second responses to Inspectors Questions 6, 12, 13, 16 
ID-01B Inspectors Response to OPDC-001A
ID-01C Inspectors Response to OPDC-002
OPDC/001B OPDC’s second response to Q2, Q3 (part), Q5, Q7, Q8, Q14, Q15, Q17, Q18
OPDC/001C Table Q5 supporting OPDC’s second response to Inspectors Question 5 (see OPDC/001B) 
OPDC/001D OPDC’s proposed diagram supporting OPDC’s second response to Inspectors Question 5 (see OPDC/001B)
ID-01D Inspectors Response to OPDC-001B Table Q5
ID-01E Inspectors Further Response to OPDC's second response to Q2
OPDC/001E OPDC's second Response to Q3 (D8)
ID-02 Inspectors Initial Questions 24-25
ID-03 Inspectors Initial Q26 
OPDC/002 OPDC's response to Outstanding Matters Q6, 12, 13, 16 and responses to Q25-26
ID-06 Inspectors Q27&Q28
OPDC/003 OPDC's response to Q27
OPDC/001F OPDC's third response to Inspectors Question Q5
OPDC/001G OPDC's third response to Q2
OPDC/001H OPDC's third response to Inspectors Questions - table Q5a
OPDC/004 OPDC's response to the Inspectors Q28
Additional Inspector's Questions arising from Examination Hearings 
ID-25 Inspectors Q29 & Q30
ID-26 Matters arising from Hearing Sessions

Administrative documents

ID-04 Inspectors Matters and Issues
ID-05 Inspectors Hearing Advice
ID-07v11 Draft Programme
  Notice of Independent Examination
PO-001 Local Plan Programme Officer Introduction Letter
ID-08 Hearing Agenda - Session 1
ID-09 Hearing Agenda - Session 2
ID-10 Hearing Agenda - Session 3
ID-11 Hearing Agenda - Session 4
ID-12 Hearing Agenda - Session 5
ID-13 Hearing Agenda - Session 6
ID-14 Hearing Agenda - Session 7
ID-15 Hearing Agenda - Session 8
ID-16 Hearing Agenda - Session 9
ID-17 Hearing Agenda - Session 10
ID-18 Hearing Agenda - Session 11
ID-19 Hearing Agenda - Session 12
ID-20 Hearing Agenda - Session 13
ID-21 Hearing Agenda - Session 14
ID-22 Hearing Agenda - Session 15
ID-23 Hearing Agenda - Session 16
ID-24 Hearing Agenda - Session 17
ID-31a Hearing Agenda - Session 18 (IIA)
ID-32a Hearing Agenda - Session 18 (Viability)

Hearing Statements and related documents

Note: this table will be updated in the lead up to and during the hearing sessions. Please refer to Draft Programme for dates of hearing sessions.

Matter Representor and statement reference
Matter 1: Role of Neighbourhood Plans
Matter 2: Positively prepared
Matter 3: Effectiveness
Matter 4: Density, intensity, heights, and targets
Matter 5: Tall buildings location
Matter 6: Willesden Junction 
Matter 7: Wormwood Scrubs
Matter 8: Parking
Matter 9: Affordable Housing
Matter 10: Family Housing
Matter 11: Student Housing
Matter 12: Industrial Intensification
Matter 13: SIL
Matter 14: Town Centre Policies
Matter 15: Pubs
Matter 16: Sustainable Drainage Systems
Matter 17: Post-development monitoring


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