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How to respond & be kept informed of the 2nd Regulation Local Plan

The public consultation on the second revised draft Local Plan and associated documents ran from 14 June until midnight on 30 July 2018.

How your information will be used

Comments for the second revised draft Local Plan were submitted via post or email.

Due to the process of having an Independent Examination, any information and/or responses made are not confidential. This means that all responders needed to provide their name, or company name, as the comments will be made available for the public inspection.

Once comments have been logged, all names, company names and associated comments that were submitted as part of the formal consultation process will be made available to view on the OPDC website. OPDC will not share or publish post codes or email addresses.

Be kept informed on the next stages

You can request to be notified of any of the following by emailing the OPDC team

  • when we submit the policies for independent examination;
  • when the Inspector publishes his/her comments; and/or
  • when the policies have been adopted

Previously submitted comments

If you provided comments on the first Regulation 19 consultation, these comments will continue to be valid and will be submitted to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, along with any new responses submitted as part to the second Regulation 19 consultation. 

If you have no comments on the amendments to the revised draft Local Plan or the new or updated supporting studies, no further action was required as part of the consultation in June to July 2018.

What had to be considered when responding to the Local Plan

OPDC is required to submit the Local Plan to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for an Independent Examination.

This process involves an independent inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State, whose role in the examination process is to assess whether the Local Plan has been prepared in accordance with:

  • Duty to Cooperate (a duty to try and agree approaches with key public sector bodies on strategic cross boundary matters)
  • legal and procedural requirements
  • whether it is ‘sound’ 

As part of this Independent Examination the following criteria will be used for the policies in the revised draft Local Plan: 

Positively Prepared: The Local Plan should be prepared based on a strategy
which seeks to meet objectively assessed development
and infrastructure requirements, including unmet
requirements from neighbouring authorities where
it is reasonable to do so and consistent with
achieving sustainable development.
Justified: The plan should be the most appropriate strategy,
when considered against the reasonable
alternatives, based on proportionate evidence.
Effective: The plan should be deliverable over its period
based on effective joint working on
cross-boundary strategic priorities.
Consistent with National Policy: The plan should enable the delivery of sustainable
development in accordance with the policies in
the National Planning Policy Framework and the supporting National Planning Practice Guidance.