OPDC revised draft Local Plan and Chapters

The revised draft Local Plan consists of 12 chapters and an appendix. In case you are only interested in specific chapters and policies, we have split the chapters up so that you can view the documents online easily.

Revised draft Local Plan in full:


1. Introduction

OPDC - Introduction
This chapter includes the Chairman's Foreword and provides information about the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) and the status of the Local Plan.

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2. Spatial Vision

OPDC - Spatial vision
This chapter sets out the overall vision for what the area will be like in 20 years. It outlines how the OPDC area will benefit people, the economy and the built and natural environment at the local, London and national scale.

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3. Strategic Policies

OPDC - Strategic Policies
The Strategic policies, alongside the Place and Delivery and Implementation policies establish the framework for fulfilling the spatial vision for the future of the OPDC area. The chapter covers policies related to the area’s growth, health, communities, economy, places, connections, green infrastructure and the built environment.

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4. Places 

OPDC - Places
The Local Plan identifies 12 Places across Old Oak and Park Royal. This chapter sets out the vision and policies for how each place will change over the next 20 years, including the number of new homes and jobs they will be able to accommodate in this time.

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5. Design 

OPDC - Design
Design relates to all components of the built environment. This chapter includes policies aimed at securing a high quality and well-designed built environment and should be read in conjunction with the Place and Strategic policies.

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6. Environment and Utilities

OPDC - Environmemt and Utilities
This Environment and Utilities chapter has been developed alongside the Design and Transport chapters as these policies share the common objective of creating high quality places that will stand the test of time and create a place in which human and natural communities can thrive.

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7. Transport

OPDC - Transport
Transport is the catalyst for the comprehensive regeneration of Old Oak and plays an integral role in protecting, strengthening and intensifying Park Royal. The transport policies ensure that existing and future communities living, working and visiting the area benefit from high quality, safe and accessible networks and support the ability to live healthy and active lifestyles. 

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8. Housing

OPDC - Housing
In creating a new part of London, a whole range of new homes will be delivered to meet a diverse range housing needs, including private sale, affordable, built-to-rent and specialist homes, all provided as part of a mixed and balanced community. The policies in this chapter identify how future development should meet these objectives.

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9. Employment

OPDC - Employment
The policies in this chapter aim to help deliver vibrant and flexible employment and mixed use locations, including a new major commercial centre in Old Oak alongside the protected, strengthened and intensified Park Royal.

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10. Town Centre and Community Uses

OPDC - Town Centre
New town centre and community uses should be of a high quality and meet a diverse range of needs. The policies set out how OPDC expects this to be achieved. The range of uses include: shops, cultural venues, sports centres, schools, health centres, places of worship and community centres and more. Providing convenient access to these facilities is vital to creating lifetime neighbourhoods. 

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11. Delivery and Implementation

OPDC - Delivery and implementation
This chapter outlines a number of strategies that OPDC will look to employ as a statutory local planning authority, to help facilitate and coordinate the areas successful regeneration, including securing financing to support infrastructure delivery and optimised approach to the phasing, engaging with a wide range of stakeholders and using other planning functions that support the timely regeneration of the area.

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12. Glossary

OPDC - Glossary
This section holds a brief definition of a number of terms used within the draft Local Plan.

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13. Appendix

OPDC - Appendix

The appendix provides supplementary information  to the introduction chapter, providing further detail on the status of the Local Plan and background context to the area.

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