2 Scrubs Lane

2 Scrubs Lane, reconsultation

Start date: 07 September 2017
End date: 21 September 2017

City Mission Church, 2 Scrubs Lane

OPDC has received revised plans and documents relating to the redevelopment of 2 Scrubs Lane NW10 6RB.

The application is for the demolition of the existing building and the construction of 85 residential units, the replacement of the church, community use and nursery, and 225sqm of retail or café/restaurant space. The replacement building would comprise basement and 20 storeys. An area of public realm would be provided at the front of the site. The development would provide 8 car parking spaces for blue badge holders. A total of 159 cycle parking spaces would be provided.

Application reference number


Site location

The application site (outlined in red on the map below) is located on the junction of Harrow Road and Scrubs Lane.

2 Scrubs Lane map

Revised description of development

Demolition of existing building and structures and redevelopment of the site for a mixed-use development comprising basement and 20 storeys in height (71.4m above ground level), to provide 85 residential units (Class C3), 225sqm (GIA) retail or café/restaurant (Class A1/A3), 425sqm (GIA) nursery (Class D1) and 452sqm (GIA) place of worship and community use (Class D1) with shared circulation space, landscaping and public realm, disabled car parking, cycle parking, plant and associated works.

This is a reconsultation of the application as the applicant has submitted amended plans and further information.

Please note that all comments received in response to the public consultation undertaken between 11 July 2017 and 8 August 2017 will still be taken into consideration in the determination of the planning application.

Consultation deadline

5.00pm on 21 September 2017.

Contact details

Call us on 020 7983 6520 or email.

Further information

The planning application documents can be viewed on the OPDC Planning Register. Please search using the application reference number above.


Note: Planning permission was granted for this application on 22 June 2018.


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