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OPDC revised draft Local Plan

OPDC is the Local Planning Authority for Old Oak and Park Royal. Part of our responsibilities includes the production of a Local Plan for this area.

OPDC’s Local Plan is the key planning policy document for the OPDC area. It contains policies that, together with the London Plan, the National Planning Policy Framework and any related policy and guidance documents, will be used in determining planning applications and will shape how the area will be developed over the next 20 years.

Revised draft Local Plan consultation is now closed

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone, including the many local residents, groups and businesses  who responded to the revised draft Local Plan consultation, Regulation 19.

Next steps...

All of the feedback received from the consultation will be carefully analysed and considered according to the tests of soundness and legal compliance.
This process will then inform the development of the OPDC Local Plan leading up to submission to the Secretary of State and the future Independent Examination. We plan to submit the Local Plan to the Secretary of State in 2018.


Statement of Consultation

OPDC carried out its first consultation on the Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) and its supporting evidence base documents in February-March 2016. The responses to the consultation have informed the production of a revised draft of the Local Plan and further details on this process are provided in the Statement of Consultation. This outlines the responses submitted to the first draft consultation and how OPDC has sought to address these comments in the revised draft Local Plan.

OPDC has now given formal notice that the revised draft Local Plan for the area is to be published for public consultation. The revised draft Local Plan includes policies dealing with matters such as the delivery of new homes and jobs and new roads, rail stations, parks, schools, health centres and utilities infrastructure. It is accompanied by a range of supporting studies that support the policies being recommended for the area. The Local Plan covers the whole of the OPDC’s area and is accompanied by the Policies Map.

Policies Map

The Policies Map depicts policy designations set out in the revised draft Local Plan.
For clarity, we have updated the colours and transparencies have been updated on the map. Individual designations has also been provided on separate maps, but no boundaries have changed.

Part 1 of the Policies Map includes:

  • the complete map
  • places
  • site allocations
  • street network
  • Metropolitan Open Land
  • the Article 4 Direction boundaries

Part 2 of the Policies Map includes:

  • High Speed 2 safeguarding
  • Strategic Industrial Location
  • town centre hierarchy
  • waste management
  • flood risk area
  • heritage
  • Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation boundaries

Should you have any queries regarding designations for specific sites or areas, please email or call on 020 7983 6520.

Key Performance Indicators and Annual Report

OPDC has also developed Key Performance Indicators for consideration as part of the consultation on the revised draft Local Plan. The KPIs will be used as part of annual monitoring to assess the effectiveness of Local Plan policies. OPDC has published an Annual Report (AMR) recording progress made during the 2015-16 monitoring period, including housing starts, completions and consents.

OPDC's Brownfield Land Register and Validation Checklist

OPDC is also consulting on potential sites for inclusion on OPDC’s Brownfield Land Register and the revised Validation Checklist to align it to the requirements of the revised draft Local Plan.

Post Occupancy Survey

This is a survey that will be carried out on new occupiers and developers after a building has been completed within the OPDC area. Further detail on the Post Occupancy Survey, as required in Policy DI3 of the revised draft Local Plan, can be found online.