FAQs: OPDC Local Plan

Read the FAQs about the Old Oak & Park Royal Local Plan, which is the document that will be used to shape the area during its development & regeneration. 

How long will the Local Plan last?

Once a Local Plan has been approved, it covers a minimum period of 15 years. We're proposing for the OPDC Local Plan to cover 20 years. However, once it’s adopted, it’s likely that issues will change and it will need to be reviewed during its lifetime.

What can trigger a review of the Local Plan?

There are no specific triggers, but changing national or regional planning policy and newer research tends to be the main factors that lead to the need for a review.

When will the Local Plan be reviewed?

OPDC do not currently have a specified review date. We are required to produce an Annual Authority Monitoring Report (AMR). The purpose of this is to monitor the success and whether there is a need for a review.

How is the Local Plan developed?

The Local Plan has to be consistent with both national planning policy and conform with regional planning policy. The policies have to be established on a sound research and evidence base.

The policies in OPDC's draft Local Plan are informed by a number of supporting studies.

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