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The LSDC has written and commissioned research and reports on a wide range of sustainability issues that are critical to London. You can find our publications below.

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Recent reports

London's Quality of Life Indicators Report 2017 

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The LSDC’s fifth Quality of Life report draws on existing datasets to examine 32 key indicators to gauge progress for people living in the capital.  These metrics provide evidence to help guide decision-makers in taking the actions needed to improve the quality of life of all Londoners: present and future, and to help London play its full role in meeting global sustainability goals.

The report sets out progress since the last Quality of Life reports; these can be viewed below. It collates existing data across the three, interrelated areas of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. In doing so, it provides a more holistic snapshot of London’s quality of life and how sustainably the city is developing.


Better Future: A Route Map to Creating a Cleantech Cluster in London

Better Futures
This report, published in 2016, summarises the case for creating a cluster of future orientated and problem-solving environmental enterprises in London to help speed up the growth of the low-carbon economy. Clusters allow innovations to flourish by grouping together individual organisations and facilities working in a shared field or sector – research institutions, business start-ups, laboratory and manufacturing spaces and so on – so that knowledge, expertise and technologies can be shared more easily. The report examines the location we identified as the best opportunity for making fast progress on a cleantech cluster for London, and includes our recommendations for next steps. 

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