Government Relations

London’s size and population mean it's a city unlike any other in the UK. All Londoners should be able to benefit from the opportunities that come from the capital’s economic success and global reach.

It's crucial for the capital's success that national policies and government legislation deliver the maximum possible outcomes for all Londoners - that's why we proactively lobby HM Government, Parliamentarians and local government.

Parliamentary Briefings

The Government Relations team provides briefings on issues that affect London, its residents and businesses. This includes notes on the Mayor’s priorities and proposals, and briefings based on Parliamentary business.

We can provide information for:

  • Parliamentary Questions
  • debates
  • Select Committee inquiries
  • all stages of the legislative process
  • other events

We help to ensure that the unique needs of the capital are reflected in policy and laws through our discussions about the Mayor’s work with:

  • MPs
  • peers
  • researchers
  • clerks
  • think tanks
  • partner organisations
  • other interested parties


The Government Relations team engages with Government and Parliament and works to ensure that legislation reflects the Mayor's priorities.

Government consultation responses

Local Government

London’s government is strongest when it works collaboratively to address the city’s challenges.

The Government Relations team helps the Mayor work closely with London’s 32 boroughs and the City of London Corporation. This includes through the Congress of Leaders, where the Mayor discusses key London issues with borough leaders. The team also maintains good relations with local authorities outside the GLA boundary to ensure they understand the Mayor’s priorities. 

Contact details

Sarah Gibson, Head of Government and EU Relations
[email protected] | 020 7983 4231

Leigh Greenhalgh, Principal Government Relations Officer
[email protected] | 020 7983 4147

David Halliwell, Senior Government Relations Officer
[email protected] | 020 7983 4726

Stephanie Jarvis, Senior Government Relations Officer
[email protected] | 020 7983 4149

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